I was at Tangles a couple of weeks ago, visiting with Faith, my hairdresser after a whirlwind month was coming to a close.  Faith has been the keeper of my locks for about five years now, but we knew each other in a Maternity water aerobics class.  She was expecting her first child, Addy and I was expecting Lucas at the time.  We had our babies two days apart.  She was talking about how they were going to be 10 next year.  Double digit birthdays!   Isn’t it amazing how time flies.

I took a minute to reflect.  Chloe will be 13 next year.  Lucas 10.  Madi will be 5 in just two weeks.  Where has the time gone.  And I had a moment of sorrow.  No more babies.  Next year, all my kiddos will be school aged.  It’s exciting and sad all at the same time.  But it also caused me to stop and think.  Wonder.  What could I have done better?  What do we need to do before the years to adulthood fly by and they are gone?  To be quite honest, it’s  a little overwhelming. 

2012 has been a season for change in the Landrus household.  I started the new year with a new job.  I gave up my part in children’s ministry.  We are transitioning churches.  Each of the kids have their own social activity schedule that we are trying to keep up with.  Event expectations at work.  A promotion for David. All good things.  Things that I feel God is leading us too and through.  Yet, it is easy for me to get swept up and exhausted by circumstances.  It is easy to identify all I have done wrong.  Life can be overwhelming to say the least. 

A verse came to me that I have heard millions of times and it hit me with a fresh wave.  I invite you to hear it new for the first time.  Bask in it:

                “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”  Hebrews 13:8  NKJV

The same.  Unchanging.  Even when the circumstances of my life appear to be a tornado of endless activity.  Even when I make mistakes.  Even when I need to appeal to Him for forgiveness and priority change- AGAIN, He is unchanging.  His promise is unchanging.  He’s not taking it back.  There is something more than this life and its daily chaos.  It is Eternity with Christ in Heaven.   I’m so thankful to serve an unchanging God .


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