Who are you representin’ ?

Last summer, the kids and I were having lunch with my Dad at the Olive Garden.  Of course, we were in Champaign.  Otherwise translated, Illini Country.  There were a group of college guys sitting at a table across from us and one of them had on the age old “Muck Fichigan, Ann Arbor is a whore shirt.”  Now, I happen to like Ann Arbor- a lot!  As we were leaving, I walked over to the table and said, “Hey, Go Blue!”  The guys immediately doubled over, groaning in misery as another guy at the table said, “Uh Uh- Go Buckeye’s.”  Now it was my turn to groan- I mean, being an Ohio Buckeye Fan is an incurable disease.  Now, if your not a College Sports fan, then this story probably means nothing to you.  I happen to love the comradery of sports fans.   You might get excited about the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob Debate.  Or who needs to be heading home next on Idol.  The point is, we love to represent, especially against the opposing team. 

This week, there has been a lot of representing going on in the Christian community.  An 89 year old pastor, Harold Camping, from California is telling us the the rapture is going to occur- tomorrow!  And that the official end of the world is coming on October 21st.  He has found evidences in old and new testament that leads to this conclusion, but what I can’t seem to figure out is- what bible is he reading? 

While I could get super wound up about this subject, there is really no indication in the bible, what so ever, to indicate that this really going to happen tomorrow.  If anything, the bible promises that it will occur in God’s Kingdom calendar when everyone is given the opportunity to know and choose His saving grace.  Is it on May 21st, 2011?  Only God knows that.  What amuses me is how wound up the Christian community gets.  Right now, there are believers that are standing in the street, selling their possessions, quitting their jobs, over a man that could very well be misrepresenting the truth.  My question is Why.  What is our obsession with the end of times?

It is time for bible believing Christians to revive.  To stand up and represent.  Is Christ coming back?  Yes.  When? We don’t know, but the bible says He will come like a thief in the night.  Instead of creating mass chaos, it is time to take personal inventory of our lives.  Am I grounded in God’s word?  Do I check the message of the teachers and preachers in my life to be sure what they are saying is accurate and biblically based?  Am I serving where God is calling me, or am I ignoring the prompting He has placed upon my heart?  Am I representing God in an authentic manner with my life, or am I simply warming the pews on Sunday morning?  Am I trying to affect change where God has placed me, or am I keeping my mouth shut because I don’t want people to thing i’m wierd?   I have heard the Christian church best described as a football game.  There are twenty-two exhausted players on the field trying to win the game and thousands of coaches sitting on the sidelines in desperate need of exercise.  It is time for the church to get passionate about their God.  It’s time to represent.

Are you on field?  


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