Risk: It’s a four letter word!

Risk.  It’s a small four letter word that has been in the center of my mind for the last week or so.  In my childhood, we lived a very conservative, blue collar lifestyle.  Maybe not a risk-adverse environment, but one where Mr. Opportunity didn’t come to knock very often.  When he did, we weren’t quite sure what to do with him.  We were taught contentment and never once did without the necessities.  We had food for every meal, clothes on our back, and a Mom who worked herself to the bone to be sure it stayed that way.  It was a lifestyle that I didn’t do much to change as I became an adult.  I began working a full time job my senior year of high school, married the man of my dreams right after I graduated (high school) and had my first child, barely a year later.  We also work hard to be sure our kids have the necessities and that they don’t go without.  We have grown through living paycheck to paycheck and have learned the value of having a funded savings account.  But every year, as I near my birthday, I get into a funk!  Is this really it?  Is this really the best God has for me?    I am grateful for Everything in my life, but really, is this it?

A few of you know that I just recently took AND PASSED the test and background check to get into the State Farm Agency Development program!  A very exciting time indeed, but as I sit here , I sit somewhere between fantasy and reality.  It’s like I am on the outside looking in.  Is this really my opportunity? Does God really have this FOR ME?   You see, this is a huge risk!  It means the possiblity of leaving a community I am content to live in, a Ministry that I love to lead, friends, family and church family.  Not to mention the financial implications and the fact that the success or failure of a small business lays entirely on my shoulders.  Yet strangely, I am at peace about it.   There are many things left to consider, interviews to pass, business plans to build and training to complete, but I am completely and totally at ease.  I feel as if I am right where I need to be.  I know that God will work out every single detail in HIS perfect time.

In Matthew 12 it says: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will wear or eat; or about your body, what you will wear.  Life is more than food, and the body more than  clothes. “

I think the bottom line is that as people, we were not created to merely exist, but to LIVE.  Living involves “risk”.  Victory lies in believing.  I think that sometimes, God wants us to take a risk.  To step out of the boat and enjoy the feel of water on our toes.  Just a note of warning for those who do decide to get out of the boat- Keep your eyes on Him!  He will not let you sink.


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